Jazz, Romance, and The Bull!

Hello friends...Drew here. Well, the jazz gig at Tavern On The Green in NYC went well...about 250 people came and the night raised a ton of money for pancreatic cancer research.

My jazz record with singer Allie Moss is due out in early 2006. Entitled Standards, it's a swinging, romantic disc - the perfect solution for those of you whose love lives are in slow-mo...or even a no-go. Check back soon for ordering info.

Those of you who remember my other jazz projects like Lunar City - in which we played rather strange and "out" arrangements of tunes ranging from lesser-known Thelonious Monk bop tunes to Christmas carols to spooky 100-year-old Erik Satie impressionist piano pieces - may wonder why I've decided to make a traditional jazz record of swing-era standards. Because, dammit, people could write songs back then. And because I felt like it! I have a deep respect for traditional jazz and the great American songwriters like Cole Porter and George Gershwin, and I love to play their tunes as they may have been played in the 1930's and 1940's. Call me sentimental, if you wish.

The Big Mechanical Bull rides again! After a summer off, we're back with some new shows (at the Stone Pony, the Paramount Theatre, and more), new shirts (come to a show and buy many! they're hot!) and maybe even some new tunes. We are getting back into the studio to finish our record, Country Songs - For The Modern Woman, and look forward to seeing you all soon!